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More open ocean. Plenty of eyes on us. The queen exudes misery while Mr. M is in a queer cast of mind. The imbecile opens his mind, which lost the world—he’s a girl, beside a canyon fire, flickering along the rim. Sniper fire oozes from the guns. Wide-eyed children make way for Herod. No point in apologizing to civilization. Your allegiance has been pledged. It was all one great big misunderstanding.

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Seeking: relaxed male. Valedictorian. Knows his way around a dojo. Strong hands. Wide hips. Shamus-type. Gets along well with Chrissy and Janet. Loves shark fin soup. Attractive (obviously). From sun up to sun down. Wears jackets. Knows when to stop. Goes down marvelous. Eats everything. Hand fed.

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In this video demonstration, we see a professional musician working on his “chops.”